Espiritu Agave offers a unique and well-rounded portfolio of agave products, primarily fine tequila.. Explore our full listing of products available.

Events & Tastings

What better way to learn about new products than through product tastings or possibly meeting the master distilllers who created them. Check our upcoming events or contact us to set one up soon!

Tequila Culture

Tequila is more than a national drink, there are stories steeped in history and culture in every sip. Explore some of the tequila tradition behind every bottle and immerse yourself in Mexican culture.

Welcome to Espiritu Agave

"People are looking more and more for products that have a story and an actual base of heritage and tradition. And it's got everything to do with the quality of tequilas that are being made. To my mind, tequila totally fits into the demand from consumers looking for bespoke, high-end versions of the things they've been eating and drinking all their life, in better-made, tastier and healthier guises that have real heritage."  ~ Tomas Estes, from his book, The Tequila Ambassador.

Some of the finest brands of tequila ever produced in Mexico have made their way north to be experienced by lovers of fine spirits. People are learning that tequila is not just about shooters with lime and salt but rather high-end sipping spirits with a multitude of flavours and aromas reminiscent of the nuances of a fine wine. And with quality tequila cocktails are just that much better!

Espiritu Agave’s premium tequila brands offer our customers the best 100 % pure agave taste sensations in Canada to meet the growing demand from customers.

Featuring tequila made in smaller batches by master distillers steeped in traditional methods, our products can assist customers in expanding their menus to include sales of the leading spirit in Western Canada.

Espiritu Agave is a small distributor building a unique and well-rounded portfolio. We care for our customers and brand owners, growing together, with a passion for quality products.

Our commitment to excellence and desire to share outstanding products with our fellow tequila connoisseurs creates a base for long term commitments with trust in our products and us. Join us